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Billy Manzik ~

January 30th, 2000 . by Mod May

Billy Manzik ~
Billy Manzik’s musical journey began where Highway 61, the “Blues Highway” ends, in Thunder Bay Ontario. The soundtrack for his upbringing was provided by his guitar slinging, country singing mother, and influenced by roots rock, old rhythm and blues, and even (gasp) the hair metal bands of the 80′s, not to mention Billy’s penchant for wandering the continent. The result is a driving blues rock sound, complete with catchy riffs, lyrical hooks and a ‘feel-good’ toe tapping kind of style.

Billy’s new release “Alltogethernow” packages this sound into one beautiful and diverse album, sure to catch the ear of any who hear it. From the sweet harmonies of ‘Hannah’, to the wailin’ bluesy rock of ’61 Highway’ and the summertime pop sounds of ‘Has Been’, ‘Alltogethernow’ combines musical ingredients so well it puts the icing on the rock n’ roll cake. Recorded at Orange Lounge Studios and Knob and Tube Studios in Toronto and produced by Chris Wardman with help from David Gavan Baxter, ‘Alltogethernow’ is music for modern times. Chock full of energy, hope, and a little melancholy, its mostly just plain fun. In addition to Billy on vocals and guitar, the album showcases the talents of many well-known Canadian musicians, Geoff Hilhorst on keys, Erik Allen on drums, Mike Filipowitsch on guitar and Jonny Kerr on bass, plus appearances from many others. Everyone, all together now!

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