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the Bownesians ~

February 10th, 2000 . by Mod May

the Bownesians ~
The Bownesians are like those neighbors who are always having loud Saturday night parties; those backyard barbeques that end with the cops showing up because the bonfire is huge and the jam is still going on at 4:00am. The quintessential surf-pop band, flavored with a little rockabilly and sneaking in some bluegrass influence, the Bownesians pretty much epitomize the idea of screamin’ down the street in a 1954 Mercury Woody, surfboards in tow, blasting Bill Haley, Ann Margaret and The Shakin’ Pyramids on the stereo.

They are the band you want to play your car rally or your shotgun wedding.

Winners of the Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting competition in both 2008 and 2009 summer (best song of Alberta for “He’s from Bowness, She’s From Montgomery” (2008) and “Alan Saved the Radio Station” (2009) the Bownesians started as a workshop band, stealing members from Cowpuncher, the Ramblin’ Ambassadors, the Fabulous Stingrays, Rembetica Hipsters, Sweet Cop Sour Cop and the Sacred Heart of Elvis. Meshing well, they decided to make it official and recorded their debut 6 song EP simply called “the Bownesians” so the world can enjoy what only Bowness has up til now.

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