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MusicYukon ~

May 7th, 2000 . by Mod May

MusicYukon ~

Music Yukon is at the heart of Yukon’s emergence as a national leader in the creation, production, presentation, sale and distribution of music by Yukon artists.

Music Yukon exists to:

Help artists achieve their artistic, career and business goals including musicianship, professionalism, business success, economic self-sufficiency and cultural expression.
Develop and improve the market for Yukon musicians and northern music industry.
Enhance the presence of music and Yukon’s music sector in the community and the nation as a source of entertainment, cultural identity, economic opportunity and community quality of life.
Represent the interests of the Yukon’s music sector locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Business focused, artist focused
Embraces partnership and collaboration
Empowers staff, artists and partner organizations to realize their aspirations
Existing as a reliable and relevant resource for Yukon’s music sector
Respect, diversity and cultural inclusiveness
Safe and healthy work place
Honest, ethical and transparent conduct
Strong governance, fiscal sustainability and prudent business practices



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