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Picture The Ocean (formerly Jesse Dee & Jacquie B) ~

June 13th, 2000 . by Mod May

Picture The Ocean ~

Somewhere in the midst of summer 2011′s wild rides back and forth touring the country with a few different musicians, longtime duo Jesse Dee & Jacquie B found themselves with a new permanent member to the band. Enter Matt Blackie, percussionist extraordinaire, who transformed the dynamic duo into a tremendous trio, prompting a new name to go with the vibe. Picture The Ocean play indisputably enjoyable alt-pop and roots-rock; straight up rock ‘n roll guitars, cheerful keys, a voluptuous beat and divine harmonies fill out each song, making the sound lush and energetic, performed with so much soul.

The self-titled release, Picture the Ocean, is a collection of songs and stories developed in the year of hard touring together as a trio. It is a truly unique take on rock music that will leave you wondering where on earth this band came from. Picture The Ocean takes the styles displayed on Jesse and Jacquie’s 2011 release, and firms them up into a more consistent sound, harnessing the rock vein more than before. Replete with bright glistening guitar sounds, those signature Jesse and Jacquie harmonies, and expert stops and fills from Matt Blackie, the album draws influence from many of today’s contemporaries while remaining it’s own beast. “Erewhon” is a true indie rock song, “Being Me” adds a little swing to it’s anthemic feel, and “Scars” has that summertime happy vibe, to describe a few.

Charting in the national top ten on !earshot for 8 weeks in 2011, Our Ghosts Will Fill These Walls is a hot spin by Jesse Dee & Jacquie B thats not even had the chance to cool off before being followed up with a new release!  It’s been critically acclaimed for it’s up-tempo rock n’ roll and sweet balladry, with reviews still coming in! Our Ghosts is a sonically invigorating collection of music, that marked a great leap forward for the group, who toured it across the country and into the US throughout 2011. It showcases different musical influences a little more directly than it’s successor, creating a masterpiece full of memorable and diverse tunes, and again with those inimitable harmonies.

LISTEN: Erehwon (from Picture The Ocean)

LISTEN: Looks Like We Got A Problem (from Our Ghosts..)

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