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Joal Kamps ~

June 20th, 2000 . by Mod May

Joal Kamps ~
Joal Kamps also exposes his uninhibited energy with an upbeat folk-rock and pop influenced live sound. He may have gleaned his musical interest through high school punk bands, but Kamps discovered his passion within the soothing tones of classical guitar and the folk genre, finding his own tempo somewhere in the middle. Warm and thoughtful, Joal’s lyrics combine his world experiences with a hopeful and persevering message, cradled by an inviting, upbeat melody. All in all, Joal’s sound is a truly beautiful expression from a spirited source.

Kamps is releasing his second recording entitled ‘the RED ep’, after successfully touring his first release ‘Waiting’ (2007) throughout western Canada and into the US, playing various shows, festivals, and conferences, as well as releasing a music video. ‘the RED ep’ is the first of three planned releases this year, and was recorded in Three Hills AB with producer Mark Troyer and Joal Kamps. It selects tracks from the over 30 new songs Joal has written since his last release. RED sees Kamps further maturing in his craft, with no holds barred on this EP; it’s uplifting, full of passion, and sure to please.

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