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Joey Only ~

June 30th, 2000 . by Mod May

Joey Only ~
Nobody owns Joey Only. He plays by his own rules and works for everything he has. At just 30 years old he’s traveled Canada relentlessly as a musician since 1996, playing 500 shows of his own songs since 2001.

Prolific as both a songwriter and musical and social activist, Joey Only’s biography reads like a list of immeasurable feats. Joey plays a mean solo show but also has a seven piece band called Joey Only Outlaw Band. He’s a regular contributor to BC Musician Magazine and has hosted Sound Resistance on Vancouver’s Co-op Radio Station CFRO 102.7FM since 2003.

Best known as a songwriter and guitarist Joey also moonlights as a studio musician capable of playing pedal steel guitar, percussion, upright or electric bass, harmonica and all manner of vocal arrangements. He’s played with or been billed alongside such greats as Anne Feeney, Geoff Berner, Washboard Hank, Lance Loree, Po’Girl, Leslie Alexander, Kinnie Starr, and CR Avery.

Joey Only has climbed over 70 mountains, is an experienced wilderness guide, has chased tornadoes, been struck by lightning, nearly died of TB, had vocal surgery, smashed his face, been lost in the barrens, and incarcerated. He was publicly deemed a terrorist by Victoria BC police, has been an activist for over 10 years, hitchhiked 30,000km, released four albums, failed out of University, and fought a mother bear.

Joey is pro-cannabis advocate, a downtown eastside Vancouver healthcare worker, and still thinks the Leafs will win the Cup any day now. This year he is recording his next album “Transgression Trail” with producer Corwin Fox, set for release in January 2010.

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