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KerfMusic ~

July 20th, 2000 . by Mod May

KerfMusic ~ has music that you just can’t get anywhere else online! The first music download site based west of Toronto, Kerf supports those fabulous “undiscovered” indie artists covering any genre, by selling full albums and offering ‘select track’ streaming audio on site. With over 200 albums available and becoming a major presence in the online AND physical music scene, KerfMusic is storming the Canadian music scene! Not only is it quick and easy to securely download any album, its greener than picking up a physical CD and the artist still cashes in. Check out “Tales From the Tradesman”, a travel blog about the ModMay Honey van, and its tours with KerfMusic artists, road managed by Joelle, for a glimpse into the strange and wonderful inner workings of the indie musician and life on the road.

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