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The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra ~

October 20th, 2000 . by Mod May

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra ~

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra have been making music together since 2008, coming up through the underground scene in Victoria, BC.  Two years ago, one may have said Tequila what-now?, but today it’s a name on the breath of music lovers everywhere.  This past summer 2012 they played no less than 11 festivals amid their tour dates, including collaborations with local and Indigenous People at Folk On The Rocks in Yellowknife, and participating in a youth at risk program with the Legacy Foundation of Calgary. They’ve toured extensively across the continent, selling out venues, playing festivals, conferences and shows, they’ve even busked their way through Europe.  In summer 2010, they won the Monday Magazine ‘M’ Award for Most Promising Local Band, a title they have lived up to!

TMO’s new album “Follow My Lead, Lead Me to Follow” was produced by the award winning David Travers-Smith, and recorded in Toronto in Spring 2012. While it runs the gamut from bluegrass to tango, TMO’s signature sound remains consistent throughout the album; melding genre influences in delicious layers of the same song. It leads out with passionate waltz of “The Canoe Song”, which was born from an interesting story, and also generated the album’s name. The fast paced, anthemic hit “Otters”, and the folk-funk of “Lives Be Brave” will have you singing and dancing, while the Xo Tango steps up the fancy footwork. “Sunrise”, “Sadie” and “NSK” give the collection it’s dose of roots, but all of the tunes integrate unique sounds, from African and Spanish rhythms to bluegrass and jazz.

Their previous recording, “The Blanche Album” (engineered by Zak Cohen) was released in 2009. Named after their beloved piano-carrying touring bus, Blanche is a beautiful melting pot of sounds, binding Eastern European/klezmer influences with African Rhythms and Americana/Traditional Roots to produce an undeniably addicting beat. It sways through 7 original tracks from dreamy indie rock to a gypsy beat that compels your feet to move, and back again through a gauntlet of African style drums to traditional roots pickin’ and bowin’; never losing its continuity.

LISTEN: The Canoe Song


A Quick Nomadic History
~ 4 months touring throughout Europe in 2008
~ Cross Canada and Pacific NW USA tour in 2009
~ Cross Canada and Pacific NW USA tour in 2010
~ Released “The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra” Double EP 2009: side A recorded on Vancouver Island (2008) and side B in Vienna, Austria (2009)
~ Released “The Blanche Album” (2009) naming it after their touring short bus converted into home with hardwood floors, a pot bellied stove and a piano
~ Monday Magazine “M” Award for Most Promising Local Band 2010
~ Official Showcase, Folk Alliance Conference 2011
~ Played Levitt Pavilion & Steel Jam, Pennsylvania, 2011
~ Sponsored Showcase, OCFF Conference 2011
~ Official Showcase, Folk Alliance Conference 2012

Festivals Played:
Victoria Ska Fest (2009, 2010, 2012)
Victoria Jazz Fest (2009, 2011)
ArtsWells Festival (2009, 2010, 2012)
Islands Folk Festival (2010)
Seattle FolkLife Festival (2010)
SoulFest (2010)
South Country Fair (2010, 2011)
Fundy Fog Festival (2010)
Folklife (2011, 2012)
North Country Fair (2011)
Hornby Island Festival (2011)
Wild Mountain Music Fest (2011)
Steel Jam (2011)
Love You Mother Earth Festival (2012)
FollyFest (2012)
Folk on the Rocks (2012)
Blissfest (2012)
Kispiox Valley Music Festival (2012)
Vancouver Island Music Festival (2012)
Robson Valley Music Festival (2012)



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