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March 15, 2012: DAVID NEWBERRY’S “No One Will Remember You”

February 12th, 2012 . by Mod May

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Ontario shows w/ Sioux Newberry & Guests, Wise Hall show with various guests!

*MARCH 15th @ 9pm: The Railway Club, VANCOUVER, BC*

March 23rd @ 8pm: The Wise Hall (Bottle Army Fundraiser), VANCOUVER, BC
APRIL 4th: @ 9pm: Cameron House, TORONTO, ON
APRIL 5th: @ 8pm: The Spill, PETERBOROUGH, ON
APRIL 6th: @ 8pm: The Mansion, KINGSTON, ON
APRIL 8th @ 8pm: C’est What?!, TORONTO, ON
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(Band Photo) LISTEN/DOWNLOAD “Rock Bottom” from No One Will Remember You

Meet David Newberry in person, have a chat, and hear him on stage, and you mind might drift towards the likes of Elvis Costello, Waldo, maybe Descartes, Peter Parker, and Joel Plaskett (maybe that’s just me?). Mash the best of all of these together and that’s one heckuva guy, and that is the musician known affectionately by his friend’s as “Newbs”. David Newberry is releasing his sophomore album No One Will Remember You to the masses and if you’re lucky enough to be in the area’s he’s playing, you’re in for a dose of folk-rock finery.

Playing his official-release-full-band-extravaganza show in Vancouver on March 15th, he then heads out to Ontario on tour with his sister Sioux Newberry, who is also releasing an album. The ‘sibling rivalry’ tour will also see the Newberry’s share a rhythm section, full of old mates from their Ontario home. David Newberry will be making stops throughout Canada during 2012, so check by his website for dates, videos and more, often!

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(Band Photo) No One Will Remember You refuses to live up to it’s name (unless you understand irony). It’s a memorable collection of tunes, the kind of music that will stick in your brain and find you belting the lyrics without realizing it. The album leads out with a pedal steel moan, indicating you might be in for some country, but once the beat of “All Of The Apples In The Basket” kicks in you’re wrapped in folk-rock splendor. Pick up the guitar and strum and sing along. Grab an electric for the blistering “Rock Bottom”; a rock anthem with some shredding fiddle, and sway back and forth with the “No One Will Remember You” choir on the roots ballad title track. Recorded in the idyllic landscape of Mayne Island, BC, No One Will Remember You was engineered, produced and mixed by Adam Iredale-Gray (Fish & Bird), and mastered by Joby Baker at Baker Studios in Victoria, BC. It features members of the Deep Dark Woods, Fish & Bird, The Gruff and O’mally, among others. Officially releasing March 15th, 2012, on Vancouver’s Northern Electric label, this is David Newberry’s sophomore album, and will see him and the band touring throughout the country in the spring, summer and fall!

David Newberry injured his hand while working as an assistant carpenter, and picked up a guitar as a form of physiotherapy, sensibly nurturing his love for punk music. Not long after, a songwriter was born, ala Dylan or Springsteen, and Newberry began the journey of finding out what ‘folk’ might sound like. In his words, Newberry compares to the singer-songwriters of the 60′s, observing aspects of society and protesting injustice, all while rocking out with a rootsy, blue-collar vibe. In his spare time, David Newberry also produces, with his pal Eric Newby. It’s a music-based website and podcast with commentary that goes out of its way to point out that even though nothing is new, that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting.

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