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August 5, 2014: RUSTY FORD’S “Crack Smokin’ Mayor”

August 5th, 2014 . by Mod May

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Rusty Ford is singer-songwriter whose unique tunes are a saucy salute to the golden age of classic country. Inspired by a gag email of the top ten worst country songs never written, his tongue-in-cheek love ballads include “I Hate Every Bone in Your Body Except Mine”, and “I Miss You But My Aim’s Improving”.

Rusty’s latest single is a satirical tribute to celebrity Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, “Crack Smokin’ Mayor”. Stream it from SoundCloud, purchase it on iTunes or CD Baby, and share it with your friends!

Rusty wrote the song in response to the allegations and resulting media frenzy of the past year that has surrounded the mayor’s tenure in Toronto. Commentaries from the bumbling mayor made for such great satire-songwriting fodder, Rusty simply couldn’t help himself! Though the song may not be family-friendly, there is nothing in it His Worship hasn’t said himself in front of the world, so go on and enjoy this satirical salute to the man who may currently be Canada’s most famous citizen.

“Crack Smokin’ Mayor” is available on CD Baby or iTunes as a single, along with Rusty’s debut album My Truck, My Dog and You.

“Rusty Ford’s My Truck, My Dog, and You
is country gold”

Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight

The bastard middle-aged lovechild of Porter Wagoner and Wanda Jackson, Rusty Ford wants to bring country music a bouquet of flowers and give her a hickey.

Rusty’s tunes are aimed straight for your heart, ricocheting off your funny bone. If you’re looking for a fun detour from the musical mainstream, Rusty can give you ride.

“All 11 songs on this debut by the BC artist are guaranteed to lighten any listener’s mood.. Only those completely lacking a sense of humour won’t enjoy this record”
Exclaim Magazine (7/10)

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