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October 29, 2014: MISS QUINCY AND THE SHOWDOWN Video Release

October 29th, 2014 . by Mod May

“Bad Love” Video Release | 10.29.2014

Vancouver, BC, October 29, 2014: Vancouver based rock ‘n roll band Miss Quincy and the Showdown are excited to unleash their second new music video to the world in just a few months! Recorded in a single day and edited by producer Mike Southworth (Collide Entertainment), the video is for lead single Bad Love, a gritty and raucous track from the Roadside Recovery album, currently on rotation at 102.7FM The PEAK in Vancouver. The video takes the band to a whole new dimension, with a beautiful alien arriving on planet earth to investigate human social interaction. After stumbling upon a bar and imbibing with the locals, the alien decides it may be best to abort the mission, but not before testing out a few theories!


In September 2014, the band also released their first video, for the song Talkin’ Trash, a steamy and soulful little number also from the Roadside Recovery album, which was released in April 2014.

Videos have been a bit of a thorn in the side of Miss Quincy this year, as the band initially shot two videos in two days in February 2014, which were originally slated to bolster the April 2014 album release. Through a vehicle break-in and series of unfortunate events, the footage for the videos was lost, never to be found again. But, since Quincy is never one to give up, and she still had to file her FACTOR report, new treatments were done and new videos were shot!

Since the release of Roadside Recovery, Quincy and the band have toured across much of Canada, both on their own and opening for popular Canadian blues act The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer. They’ve enjoyed radio play across Canada, exclusive video releases with Exclaim magazine, and glowing reviews. They are also currently finalists in the PEAK Performance Project in British Columbia, with the chance to take home over $100,000 towards the bands career, should they succeed!


Roadside Recovery
was produced and recorded by Matt Rogers (The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer) at both Afterlife and Neighborhood Studios, who took the road grit and whiskey regrets from the band and scrubbed every track with them liberally. “Bad Love” leads with a thumping heartbeat, building to a screeching riff; it’s a hot little number that makes you wanna crank it to eleven and jump up on the speakers. The album secures it’s rock ‘n roll fate with “What Is Life If It Ain’t Strange” and “Making Money”, while it settles in with slow cookers like “Talkin Trash” and “Take It To The Well”. Roadside Recovery is full of soul and vibrant life, breaking boundaries for Miss Quincy and the Showdown, or rather, smashing them down in the style of Joan Jett or the Black Keys.

Miss Quincy began her music career in the wild mountains of northern BC, though she’s been a touring warrior since the beginning, releasing her debut Your Mama Don’t Like Me in 2010, and follow-up Like The Devil Does in 2012. In the past few years with The Showdown, Miss Quincy has chalked up over 200 shows a year in 7 countries throughout Europe and North America, winning fans from near and far. Between her many tours Quincy is a northern hunting camp cook, posting bush stories and recipes on a food blog called #RocknRollBushCook. Get in touch with Miss Quincy and the Showdown and check out a show near you!

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