Mod May Promotions

September 10, 2014: The Acoustic Guitar Project “Project 18: Vancouver”

 One Guitar, One Week, One Song When Vancouver artist Lydia Hol attended the International Folk Alliance Conference this past February, she thought she was there to showcase her music to her contemporaries, but fate had something else in store for the songstress and raconteur. A conversation sparked between herself and fellow conference attendee Dave Adams, [...]

March 15, 2012: DAVID NEWBERRY’S “No One Will Remember You”

Ontario shows w/ Sioux Newberry & Guests, Wise Hall show with various guests! *MARCH 15th @ 9pm: The Railway Club, VANCOUVER, BC* *RELEASE PARTY!* March 23rd @ 8pm: The Wise Hall (Bottle Army Fundraiser), VANCOUVER, BC APRIL 4th: @ 9pm: Cameron House, TORONTO, ON APRIL 5th: @ 8pm: The Spill, PETERBOROUGH, ON APRIL 6th: @ [...]

David Newberry ~

David Newberry ~ Most independent musicians in Canada try their hand at making a go of a music career, and support themselves with some sort of nine to fiver, in order to reach the next level. David Newberry however, did this backwards. He injured his hand while working as an assistant carpenter, and picked [...]